Welcome to Our Academy!

    SKIES AVIATION ACADEMY located in Thessaloniki and is the first Approved Training Organization under EASA regulations in Greece, EL ATO-122, that guides any individual from zero flying experience to Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) through our personnel’s knowledge, experience and quality training. 

Vision Statement

    To become the trusted leader in aviation industry in Europe by providing maximum quality professional training of future Airline Pilots and other aeronautical disciplines.

Mission Statement 

To deliver the highest quality education by providing superior learning environment and safety in flight training that will allow each of our students to achieve their ultimate goal.

We offer professional flight instructional and theoretical training courses from Private Pilot Licence (PPL) up to Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) with all associated Ratings for local and foreign students. No matter if you choose flying for your pleasure, or building your career as a professional pilot, we guarantee you the best training experience! 

We operate more than 330 days of VFR flying conditions from Alexandroupolis International Airport (AXD) and Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG) – the second biggest airport in Greece and located 10 min away from our premises. The airport has 2 runways (2440m), ILS CAT II, VOR/DME, Radar approach and NDB. While becoming an Airline Pilot it is strongly recommended to have flying experience at mojor airports! 

Our Team

The quality of education is judged by the quality of teaching instructors as well as by the technical facilities available for training. At Skies Aviation Academy both criteria are fulfilled.

Our professional flight instructors are all with many hours of proven instructing experience both in the air and on the ground. Despite the course you are enrolled, our Instructor Team is always ready to help you in achieving your goal and beyond.  

Skies Aviation Academy is known for its tradition of training and for its highly qualified staff in Greece as well as abroad. Our Academy is the best place for those whose dream is to become a pilot with excellence and complete knowledge of their profession.