The ALX covers the following flight trainings :

The ALX is a flight training device able to simulate the following:

  • Basic single engine piston aircraft (fixed pitch propeller and fixed gear)
  • Complex single engine piston aircraft (variable pitch propeller, retractable gear)
  • Twin engine piston aircraft
  • Twin engine light jet aircraft

The ALX is provided with AVS (Alsim Visual System). Specifications are the following:

  • Vertical field of view : 49°
  • Horizontal field of view : 208°
  • 1400 x 1050 resolution (reach 4200 x 1050 on the panoramic visual system screen)
  • 32 bits colour definition
  • Frame rate : 60 fps
  • Worldwide texture modelling
  • World wide relief database
  • Coastal lines


Don’t settle for ’Sky’s the limit’.

Embrace ’Skies without Limits’.