Course Structure

Step 1: Private Pilot License course

  • Minimum 45 hours training on PA28 aircraft

  • Minimum 100 hours theory

  • Pass 9 PPL Theory exams

  • Pass English aviation language test

  • Pass PPL skill test(2 hours with  examiner)


Step 2: ATPL Theory (13 Subjects)

The 13 ATPL subjects are distributed in 3 stages.
After completion of the ATPL theory, candidates must pass HCAA EASA exams.


Step 3: Hour Building

Hour building is required to complete 87 hours Pilot in Command before further training will be provided.

Step 4: Night Rating

   5 hours night training including:

  • 1 hour navigation

  • 5 take-off and full-stop landings at night as PIC (1 hour)

  • Minimum 3 hours dual training

Step 5: SE/IR and PBN

  • 37 SIM. FNPT II

  • 15 hours dual Single engine PA 28

  • Pass SE/IR Skill Test (1,5hrs SE)

Step 6: Multi engine training (MEPL)

  • 6 hours dual DA42 Multi engine training

  • Minimum 7 hours Multi engine Theory

 Step 7:  Commercial pilot license

  • 10 hours dual Single engine PA 28 WARRIOR III aircraft.

  • 5 hours dual DA42 Multi engine training

Step 8: Instrument Rating/ Multi engine training

  • 3 hours dual SIM. FNPT II

  • 2 hours dual DA42

  • Pass CPL/ME/IR skill test (2,5 hours)


 Course duration: 12-18 months

After graduation the student will obtain a commercial pilot licence CPL/ME/IR with the total amount of flying hours:








Total actual aircraft: 175

Total sim: 40

Total flying hours: 215 + Skill Tests

Required documents before start:

  • Minimum age of 17 years old

  • High School Degree or Equivalent

  • Aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP)*  

  • Ability to pass Aviation Medical Class 1 Exams** 

          *Aviation English Language Proficiency is arranged by Skies Aviation Academy during study period   

            **Aviation Medical Examination is one day process and can be taken at our base with EASA aviation medical doctor


1 – Extreme weather condition days, airport operation hours restriction, aircraft malfunctions, are not counted into the training duration.

2 – All pricing based on minimum hours as required by the relevant authorities.  Extra hours will be invoiced at the applicable Rates.

3 – Examiner and aircraft rental fees for Skill tests is not included.