"I am glad to have crossed roads with the instructors of SKIES Academy. Their professionalism and high standards helped me achieve to the limit of my performance, and gave rise to an aviator' s culture that I will carry with me for ever."  
F. Lambrou
F/O at Olympic Air (Greece)
I found Skies through the recommendation of another satisfied customer. I was not disappointed. I completed my ATPL conversion via distance learning, and the MCC course shortly thereafter. The school was incredibly flexible and helped me achieve my goals while still working full time overseas. The flight instructors are friendly and incredibly professional. The support staff on the ground are amazing. They respond quickly and clearly to all communications and were an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Skies Aviation Academy."
Jeremy Rolland
(New Zealand)
" I had the great luck to complete my professional training at Skies Aviation Academy. Not only I was trained by the highest training standards, I was given the chance to finish everything in minimum time and minimum hours. My interaction with the people of Skies Aviation Academy has been an amazing experience. "
"Doing my training at Skies Aviation Academy in Thessaloniki has been a very good choice. The school provides a good Infrastructure, staff are very friendly and professional and were always helpful in every situation. I was able to complete my training in the time I had planned and learned a lot from my Instructors. In addition, having Thessaloniki Intl. Airport as the home base certainly is of benefit as you have to operate in a professional environment from the first flight on."  
I.Bausewein (Germany)
" I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Skies for making my time there really enjoyable. I recommend anybody who is thinking about revalidating or renewing their license to go ahead and do it with Skies Aviation Academy !! Skies offered the best price and the course was finished on time without any delays. Skies took care of all my transportation and accommodation needs while in Greece, making it very easy for me. Very friendly staff/instructors/examiner and of course flying in Greece is as spectacular as always with such beautiful scenery. Keep up the good work guys! " 
R.Hall (UK)
"From the moment I enquired about the conversion course right up until completion, Skies Aviation was helpful in all ways. They maintained a professional attitude towards my training yet made it very comfortable and fun! The instructors are knowledgable and had in depth understanding of what it’s like to be an aviation student which really helped. Although there were some delay due to weather, we still made most of the time by studying and making sure I was ready for the Skills test. I passed my FAA to EASA Conversion course flying colours and even stayed to complete my MCC/JOC which was the most fun I’ve had! I would definitely recommended the flight school! "
Jasmeet Singh (UK)